浮士德经典句子中英文 求浮士德中的经典句子的英译。

1 if only recreation, I am too old, if for nothin g, is too young. This world can give me wha t? 2 I stick to the old haunt, any time around I 3 you just like you understand God, unlike me 4 we act more ferocious than the plague . Poison, they slowly dying, but I have to recei ve the praise and flattery. 5 good even in the pursuit of the lost they will eventually realiz e that there is a way I was 6 that always wa nts to do evil, but the line that the power of good part 7 I suddenly trembling, tears stre aming non-stop, Still have, as if from eyes far away , and full of warmth; , lost, and become true to life likeness. 8 I so metimes the sky the haze, sometimes sunn y, but never lose hope my life sometimes aw ake, sometimes confused, but never to lose 9 theory is grey, but the tree of life evergree n. 10 with the failure of love with the fires of hell I would like to find a more virulent abus e language 11 I only lived a travel rush, all t he cheerful grip in hand, heart unhappy just get rid of it, since I sneak away to let it slip I seek only, realize, in the pursuit of my life with, with Go. Pentium gallop, initially greedy big and fling caution to the winds, but are now acting wis e and hesitate. I already see through the wo rld, on the far side of the former East expect ation. A fool look to the other shore flicker, i magine a similar living in heaven; for those who stand to look around the world for him, a silent! He must go to the eternal stroll! Aw are of the straight catch. He just take hold o f the life time, as we shape the monster, per sist in one"s old ways. Forward will have joy of joys and sorrows, he served time not mee t. 12 I have received for curiosity, hencefort h will not reject any pain 13 you and overloo king the boundless horizon, see a world of n ations and the glory of them 14 does not let me know her grow with each passing day p ain, let her helpless struggle in the destructi on of the road. 15 people too easily slack in work, will soon fall in love with absolute idle ; therefore I will make a devil, let him stimul ation, and company. -- and you really a chil d of God ah, enjoy the vivid and rich in beaut y! The eternal nature life and growth in natu re, it may protect you, with tender love. All th e world beautiful Piao Miao Miao, turbulenc e wandering, insist to think, they set in the h eart. 16 even if you want to sell one"s soul, a lso want to find a person to pay the price!!!! 17 now I can shout: stop! Wonderful time! I will leave an imprint in the world day, Ren m illion generation time flies can not erase me in such a feeling of joy, this is the highest in stantaneous time in my life. 18 when it comes to the past, but stupid a! The past is the past, disappears into nothin gness, everything from scratch! Life and bu stle Yi? It must end with closed! "die!" This ri ddle can do? Is everything seemed never st arted, if back to live one day, I would choose the eternal void." 19 only a day to pursue fre edom and life, only with freedom and life! 20 appearance but Yao was really can not die, t he bes! 21 the skylight incentive angel, myst erious indescribable; the nature of power, lik e opening day brilliant! 22 beautiful, please stop! 23 listen, spoken here is not what plea sure, but inlge in the most painful experie nce. And by love to hate, the tired to active. My chest to the thirst for knowledge has dis appeared, never on any pain closed. All the human beings destined to bear, I wanted to experience the feeling in the depths of the s oul, to seize the high, deep in my mind. And all mankind accumulated in my heart, my se lf expansion as the human self, even if finall y also fail, fall. 24 really want to let the devil take me away, if I is not the devil head! 25 o nce the trial, all privacy will be exposed, all t he sins of row will be punished severely. In 26 the world"s killjoy things, is the devil and disheartened. 27 If the water is not from the heart come, will not make people feel sweet cool. 28 the miracle is the son of faith

浮士德经典句子中英文 求浮士德中的经典句子的英译。


典型的英文版,应该是Oxford University Press, 年出版的"Faustus, From the German of Goethe",by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 于年匿名发表。国外的版权果然是严啊,找不到的说

Nur der verdient sich Freiheit wie das Leben, 只有每天都努力追求自由的人,
Der täglich sie erobern muß. 才能如享有生命般将其拥有。
Und so verbringt, umrungen von Gefahr, 就如此般,被危险环绕,
Hier Kindheit, Mann und Greis sein tüchtig Jahr. 度过他童年,成年和暮年辛劳的岁月。
Solch ein Gewimmel möcht’ ich sehn, 这样的人群是我所愿。

Auf freiem Grund mit freiem Volke stehn. 在自由的土地上屹立着自由的人民。
Zum Augenblicke dürft’ ich sagen: 在这一刻我就能说:
Verweile doch, bist so schön! 停一停呵,你真美丽!
Es kann die Spur von meinen Erdetagen 我尘世生命的痕迹就将不会
Nicht in äonen untergehn. 沉没于虚无。



Johann Wolfgang von Goethe"s Faust is a tragic play and the best known version of the Faust story. It was published in two parts: Faust Part One (Faust: der Tragödie erster Teil) and Faust Part Two (Faust: der Tragödie zweiter Teil). lines long, the play is a closet drama, meaning that it is meant to be read rather than performed. It is Goethe"s most famous work and considered by many to be the greatest work of German literature, and by some of Modern literature.

Part One was preliminarily completed by Goethe in . The publication was followed by the revised – edition, which was the last to be edited by Goethe himself. Prior to these appeared a partial printing in of Faust, a Fragment. The earliest forms of the work, known as the Urfaust, were developed between and ; however, the details of that development are no longer entirely clear.

Goethe finished writing Faust Part Two in , the year of his death. In contrast to Faust Part One, the focus here is no longer on the soul of Faust, which has been sold to the devil, but rather on social phenomena such as psychology, history and politics. The second part formed the principal occupation of Goethe"s last years and appeared only posthumously in .

The principal characters of Faust Part One include:

Heinrich Faust, a scholar, sometimes said to be based on the real life of Johann Georg Faust, or on Jakob Bidermann"s dramatized account of the Legend of the Doctor of Paris, Cenodoxus
Mephistopheles, a Devil
Gretchen, Faust"s love (short for Margaret; Goethe uses both forms)
Marthe, Gretchen’s neighbour
Valentin, Gretchen’s brother
Wagner, Faust"s famulus
Faust Part One is a complex story. It takes place in multiple settings, the first of which is heaven. Mephistopheles makes a bet with God. He says that he can deflect God"s favorite human being (Faust), who is striving to learn everything that can be known, away from righteous pursuits. The next scene takes place in Faust"s study where Faust, despairing at the vanity of scientific, humanitarian and religious learning, turns to magic for the showering of infinite knowledge. He suspects, however, that his attempts are failing. Frustrated, he ponders suicide, but rejects it as he hears the echo of nearby Easter celebrations begin. He goes for a walk with his assistant Wagner and is followed home by a stray poodle.

In Faust’s study, the poodle transforms into the devil. Faust makes a deal with the devil: the devil will do everything that Faust wants while he is here on earth. If ring that time, Faust is so pleased with anything the devil gives him that he wants to stay in that moment forever, he will do the devil"s bidding in hell.

After Faust has signed in blood, Faust has a few excursions and then runs on to Margarete (also referred to as Gretchen). He is attracted to her and with jewelry and help from a neighbor, the devil draws Gretchen into Faust"s arms. Faust seces Gretchen and they sleep together. Gretchen’s mother dies from a sleeping potion, administered by Gretchen to obtain privacy so that Faust may visit her. Gretchen discovers she is pregnant. Gretchen’s brother condemns Faust, challenges him and falls dead at the hands of Faust and the devil. Gretchen drowns her illegitimate child. Faust tries to save Gretchen from death by attempting to free her from prison, after she has been convicted of murdering her child. Finding that they cannot free her, Faust and the devil flee the ngeon but at that time, voices from heaven announce that Gretchen shall be saved.

Rich in classical allusion, in Faust Part Two, the romantic story of the first Faust is forgotten, and Faust wakes in a field of fairies to initiate a new cycle of adventures and purpose. (The piece consists of five acts - relatively isolated episodes - each representing a different theme).

Act I
The first sees Mephistopheles saving the imperial finances of German emperor Charles V — and so the German empire — by introcing the use of paper money. Amidst the ensuing celebrations, Faust enters the "realm of the mothers" — variously described as the depths of the psyche or the womb — in order to bring back the "ideal form" of beauty for the Emperor"s delight. In this case, that ideal form is Helen of Troy. Faust falls in love with Helen.

Act II
An artificial person made by an alchemical process, the Homunculus, leads Faust and Mephistopheles to the "Classical Walpurgisnacht", where they encounter gods from Greek antiquity.

The third act describes Faust"s relationship with Helen, with whom he has a son, Euphorion. His son falls to his death at the end of the act, whereupon Helen also disappears.

Act IV
In the fourth act, Faust returns to the emperor, who is at war with the Gegenkaiser. With the help of Mephistopheles" ordered ranks of Daemons they achieve victory.

Act V
Faust has nothing left but to tame nature itself. Upon disclosing his plans, Faust recognises the moment of sheer bliss which he would seek to prolong and drops dead. As a result, he loses his wager with Mephistopheles, who tries to claim his soul.

However, as Goethe expresses in the final scene, Mephistopheles" handling of Faust permitted the latter to strive for something essentially positive and thus his soul could be saved. "Whoever strives in ceaseless toil, Him we may grant redemption". Thus as Mephistopheles gloats, angels descend and retrieve the immortal part of Faust"s soul, providing redemption and ascension to the higher realm.

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