网络经典句子英文怎么说 十句关于正确使用网络的英语句子

The computer is one kind of tool, is uses to us, but not plays; The academic society uses the human is a smart person, will only play the human will be the stupid person, you may access the net, to look that the news, the understanding current event, will simultaneously raise itself to study using the network, but plays the game purely, is obtained the more network knowledge oneself. Although the network is a messenger, is also the good teacher and helpful friend who studies, but excessively many surfers can cause the vision to drop, the academic record drops; Serious also has the possibility to create is with one"s family broken up and decimated!

网络经典句子英文怎么说 十句关于正确使用网络的英语句子


safe 英[seɪf] 美[sef]
adj. 安全的; 保险的,肯定的; 无损的; 提供保护的;
n. 保险箱,保险柜; 冷藏箱; 〈俚〉避孕套;
[例句]Officials arrived to assess whether it is safe to bring emergency food supplies into the city
[其他] 比较级:safer 最高级:safest 复数:safes


你刚从美国回来,觉得美国的生活如何。What do you think of American"s life since you just came back from there.
还行,就是他们生活跟我们国家有很大的差异, Not bad, But there"s big difference between USA and our country.
你觉得生活差异差在哪里呢 Where do you think of the difference?
第一是在问候上 , 你平常是怎么跟别人打招呼的 First, the greetings, Usually,how do you greeting to others?
就是 ,你好啊 , 最近生活怎么样啊。Hello, how are you
然而在美国, 他们打招呼比较现实,遇到了,相互微笑一下就走了However
in USA, Their greeting is so simple that they just smile to each other when come across.
那美国那边吃的跟我们这边差很多吗 And how about eat in USA, is that difference a lot from us?恩 ,很大Yealth, Big difference
差别在哪。What;s the difference
美国人,一般都是早上洗澡。洗个澡,神清气爽去上班Normally,Americans take shower in the morning, and feel refreshed to go to work
那不会觉得晚上睡觉很脏吗 don"t they feel dirty when go to bad at night?
他们就是怎样做的 No, they don"t think so
听说美国人看起来比中国人老,在美国,男人50看上去也就30出头,女人30看上去也就十七、八九 是不是 It is heard that Americans look older than Chinese, in China, a 50 years old male looks like 30 a little, a 30 years old lady looks just like 17,18. Is that right?
恩 ,是的,美国朋友常常问我“你怎么看上去才像二十出头?yes, the American friends often ask me how could I just look like 20 a little
那这样 ,在美国也不错啊, so, not bad in USA
恩,还行 Eh, fine.
那这些差异在生活上对你们这些留学生来讲重不重要 Is that important to your overseas students that the life is difference
些吧, 经济全球化吗 。你知道的,我们必须学着适应 somewhat, economic globalization.you know, we have to learn to adapt to that.

你好 好久不见了 Hi, long time no see.
是啊,听说你在当老师啊 Really, I heard that you worked as a teacher now.
我的女儿要去你们学校读书,有可能会麻烦到你 My daughter want to go to your school,perhaps will bother you later.
不会的,你的女儿能让我教到我会很高兴的。Never mind, I will be glad to teach your daughter
我能问你一些关于教育孩子的事吗。could I ask you sth about children"s ecation
当然了,你说吧 of course,pls.
认为, 批评比鼓励更有利于孩子的成长。I think critize is more effecient than encourage for children group

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